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Wed Jul 9 00:53:01 PDT 2003

Hi Deepti,

--- Deepti Nayak <deepti_nayak at infosys.com> wrote:
> Hi Dalibor,
> I had gone through this link also and the two files I downloaded are 
> kaffe-common.tar.gz  (Common tarball)and
> kaffe-wince-arm-hpc-wce300.tar.gz (tarball for my device)
> I also followed all the steps mentioned in the installation instructions but
> still I am not able to run my applications correctly.

Unfortunately, the port to WinCE has not yet been merged in, so I can't really
say how far along it is, or provide further installation instructions. You
could ask on Rainer's wince-programming list, though. He did the port, so he
could know.

Of course, if you could help out with the merge, I could give you some
assistance for the necessary build system changes. I can't do the merge myself,
because Microsoft's embedded Visual C++ for HPCs doesn't want to work on my
Windows 98 notebook. Yeah, I know both HPC and Win98 are ages old, but that's
what I have available. ;)

So this port needs a dedidated programmer with access to WinCE devices &
compilers, who can function as a bridge between the WinCE programmers and the
rest of kaffe's developers to merge it into the main tree.

> Also the Klasses.jar file doesnot contain javax.* classes. Does this mean
> Kaff doesnot support running J2ME applications? Is there is a workaround for
> this?
> As my main objective was to run a J2ME application on my PDA device. 

cureent sources in the CVS contain the following subdirs in
libraries/javalib/javax/ :
 accessibility  naming         rmi            sound          sql           
swing          transaction    xml 

not all of it is fully implememnted though. For example, work on Swing hasn't
really started yet. But the Classpath developers have been making some amazing
progress there, so I may merge more of their code in eventually.

> If I try to manually add MIDP classes in my Kaffe directory and give its
> reference in CLASSPATH, it gives "Unsatisfied Link Error".

there was someone asking a similar question a few days ago. Kaffe doesn't
support MIDP out of the box, AFAIK, but there is an open source project which
allows J2SE type virtual machines to run J2ME applications. It's here:
http://me4se.org/ . I don't now if it works on top of kaffe. It would be cool
if you could try it and post your experiences.

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