[kaffe] What is the relation of AWT-Qt and kaffe ?

정종진 mozzalt at keti.re.kr
Wed Jul 9 22:16:01 PDT 2003


I am developing kaffe-1.0.7  (Qt-based AWT )on mips-embedded.

I already installed qt(support jpeg,gif,png image) and built a kaffe (awt-qt-based) successfully.


Ultimately, I want to give a transparency to image (png or jpeg) and display it on screen. 


At First, I need to understand the flow of image-loading mechanism in Qt-based AWT.

For example, I made a Image_out.java that display ‘jpeg’ image.

In Image_out.java, there are some java class and methods like the following….. 


Import java.awt.*;

Import java.awt.image.*;


Private Image image;

Public void paint(Graphics g) { …..}



Image.getWidth()   ….



Now, I know that kaffe use awt of Qt. Is it right? 

If so, Are all awt.*(classes and methods) in kaffe-tree  derivated from Qt ?

And Can I see all awt.*(classes and methods) in Qt-install tree ?


At Second, how can display translucent image(png or jpeg)?

I will welcome that any clue about displaying translucent image.


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