[kaffe] What is the relation of AWT-Qt and kaffe ?

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> Ultimately, I want to give a transparency to image (png or jpeg) and display
> it on screen. 


> At First, I need to understand the flow of image-loading mechanism in
> Qt-based AWT.

kaffe -verbosecall MyImageFlowTestClass will print out every method call as its
made. Log to a file, grep for what's interesting in your case.
> Now, I know that kaffe use awt of Qt. Is it right? 

I'm not quite sure what you mean. Kaffe can use Qt as a backend for its AWT
implementation, yes.

> If so, Are all awt.*(classes and methods) in kaffe-tree  derivated from Qt ?

no. a big chunk of kaffe's AWT is implemented in java and hasn't been derived
from Qt. There is just a small layer which acts as an intermediate between the
java side of things and the native graphical backend (Xlib, Qt).

> And Can I see all awt.*(classes and methods) in Qt-install tree ?

I don't understand the question. You can look at the source of both Qt and
Kaffe, as they both are free software, but I doubt that's what you mean.
> At Second, how can display translucent image(png or jpeg)?

In theory, just like with Sun's java. If that doesn't work, than you should
take a look at the implementation of png or jpeg support in the AWT backend
you're using and try to figure out why it doesn't work. Post some source code,
tell us what should happen, and what fails, and maybe we can get it fixed

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