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Wed Jul 16 23:01:01 PDT 2003

CVSROOT:	/cvs/kaffe
Module name:	kaffe
Changes by:	guilhem	03/07/16 22:59:01

Modified files:
	.              : ChangeLog 
	libraries/clib/awt/X: img.c imgjpeg.c 
	libraries/javalib/java/text: MessageFormat.java 
	test/regression: Makefile.am 

Log message:
* libraries/clib/awt/X/img.c:
(Java_java_awt_Toolkit_imgCreateFromFile) call initColorMapping to
ensure that pixelValue will return the color value the fastest way.

* libraries/clib/awt/X/imgjpeg.c:
(readJpeg) check if we are in TrueColor mode, if so load JPEG in
full colors, otherwise quantize colors.
(jscan_to_img, jscan_cmap_to_img) renamed jscan_to_img into
jscan_cmap_to_img, created jscan_to_img to deal with full RGB colors.

* libraries/javalib/java/text/MessageFormat.java:
(class MessagePatternDescription) added a description for formats
currently in parsing state.
(tryToApplyPattern) Parse a pattern string and transform it into
a MessagePatternDescription.
(applyPattern) just call tryToApplyPattern
(format) Iterate until the number of found arguments is 0. This
is to ensure that no format spawn a new pattern to be parsed.

* test/regression/TestMessageFormat.java: added a test case for
java.text.MessageFormat (reported by Jaco Greef <kaffe at puxedo.org> -
code partly taken from Ant)

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