[kaffe] Development snapshots

Jaco Greeff kaffe at puxedo.org
Wed Jul 16 23:39:01 PDT 2003


Is there a possibility that Kaffe can offer more regular development 
snapshots, possibly on a weekly basis. My personal feeling is that this 
helps other projects, e.g. Wine, a great deal in getting testing on the 
latest and greatest. (Bleeding-edge people seem to flock to weekly 
releases instead of getting the CVS snapshot themselves.)

I think that the 1.1.x series is a step in the right direction, but 
there is bound to be people out there without CVS access (damn those 
corporate firewalls) which would be interested in helping a bit more 
with testing. Another obvious plus is that it makes the project seem 
more active, before the 1.1.0 release we have a drought of a year on any 
releases. (And to be quite honest I for one would rather not wait 
another month for the 1.1.1 snapshot :))

Potentially this process can be automated, it should be a simple case of 
getting a cron cvs checkout, doing the am magic and tarring the bunch 
up. (And that might be a bit of an understatement...)


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