[kaffe] Statically compiling Kaffe for MIPS

Kevin D. Kissell kevink at mips.com
Fri Jul 25 06:37:01 PDT 2003

> I have noticed in libnative.la it sets the variable dependency_libs.  
> For my intel static build this points to an empty directory, but for 
> the mips build it points to the directory /opt/hardhat/devkit/mips/lexra_fp_be/target/usr/lib 
> which contains many libraries; there is not enough space for them all on the target!
> Any help with getting this to work would be much appreciated.

As Dalibor has already noted, the unmodified 1.0.7 sources will not get
you a functioning MIPS kaffe, even for dynamic builds, and you need
to get either my patch to 1.0.7 or use a later source release.  Note also
that the MIPS JIT3 code remains slightly broken despite my best efforts,
so you need to build it "intrp".  From the directory path you refer to above,
I cannot help but wonder if you're using a Lexra processor. If you are,
note that the Lexra CPUs do not implement the full MIPS instruction set.
Specifically, they don't have the instructions for handling unaligned access
to data - which is something that a Java virtual machine has to do a lot of
the time. If you've got a Linux environment tailored for Lexra, you would
need to have the kernel properly set up to emulate the missing instructions.

Lastly, I will point out that simply executing the kaffe binary has never worked
for me - one needs to have the environment set up correctly, as "make check"
does for the purposes of regression testing, and "make install" does for the
purposes of a "real" installation.  I don't have access to my Linux box at
the moment, but I believe that there is a script included to allow kaffe
to be invoked without havint been installed, and you should be using
that rather than invoking kaffe-bin directly.

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