[kaffe] Bug in Kaffe 1.0.7

Clemens Eisserer ceisserer at utanet.at
Fri Jul 25 09:07:01 PDT 2003

Hi there!

I´ve found a bug in Kaffe 1.0.7 (sorry, was not ablt to test 1.1.0) 
related to Calendar:
Dont know if its fixed, so please could you verify this bug on 1.1.0....

Calendar c = Calendar.getInstance();
int week = c.get(Calendar.WEEK_OF_YEAR);

Week is to low compared with the sun-jvm and my paperbook-calendar, it 
should be exactly 1 higher.
E.G. In the real week 29 kaffe tells me its week 28.

Hope that helps!

Mfg Clemens Eisserer

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