[kaffe] Re: AmigaOS Config failure

Tony Wyatt wyattaw@optushome.com.au
Tue Jun 10 03:58:01 2003

Hi Dalibor,

On 10-Jun-03, you wrote:

>> Sadly the configure script will not run on my AmigaOS platform. The
>> script crashes the machine, leaving only a file "configure.lineno"
>> behind. This file has 30,690 lines.
> =

> Argh, the joys of cross-platform shell programming ;)
> =

As I wrote to Iko, what I said above is no longer true. After several
attempts, it went past that point without demur.
> =

> there should be a line like
> =

> for ac_func in some-functions-from-configure.in =

> =

> somewhere above it, could you report back which functions they are? It =
> be some quoting problem ... then I'd put up a patched kaffe-1.1.0 archi=
> for you to download and test.
> =

>> One big problem is that the configure script says NOTHING to the scree=
>> I tried the configure with the --verbose flag, but still nothing. Sinc=
>> the configure process under 1.0.7 takes about 80 minutes on my platfor=
>> that's an awfully long silence to endure before any result can be
>> expected.
> =

I was wrong again. Once it gets past that first part, it becomes loquatio=
us again.

It now hangs up trying to ascertain the maximum command length. I'm sure =
did this before in the old configure, but I can't find it to compare. I m=
be thinking of another application, like gmp.

As I posted before, I've added a special case for amigaos, to prevent the=

search for command line length limit. At 3m 40s per trial, it's far too

Having got past the first "command line length determination", it tries t=
do it all again some time later. However, the second attempt fails the
shortcut and after an hour of trying to find the limit, fails with memory=


Where is the second trial? Do I have to modify something else as well?
I guess I'll find out soon enough. I was sorta hoping the new version wou=
work out of the box.

Why does this silly configure program start looking for FORTRAN compilers=
It found a half-finished FORTRAN installation of mine and got itself in a=

real knot trying to configure it. I had to rename it to make it invisible=