[kaffe] RE: Updated Kaffe (Was: Re: Call for testers: kaffe-1.1.0 on s39 0-linux)

Post, Mark K mark.post at eds.com
Fri Jun 13 19:38:08 PDT 2003

That got past the configure and make.  But you're definitely not going to
like the results of the "make check":
make[3]: Entering directory `/home/markkp/kaffe-1.1.x-cvs/test/regression'
PASS: HelloWorldApp.class.save
FAIL: HelloWorldApp.java
FAIL: TestIntLong.java
PASS: TestFloatDouble.java
FAIL: DoubleCvt.java
FAIL: DoubleNeg.java
FAIL: DoubleConst.java
FAIL: DoublePrint.java
FAIL: DoubleComp.java
FAIL: ModuloTest.java
FAIL: LongNeg.java
FAIL: FPUStack.java
FAIL: NegativeDivideConst.java
FAIL: divtest.java
FAIL: Str.java
FAIL: Str2.java
FAIL: InternHog.java
FAIL: IndexTest.java
FAIL: StackDump.java
PASS: CatchLimits.class.save
FAIL: tname.java
FAIL: ttest.java
FAIL: ThreadInterrupt.java
FAIL: ThreadState.java
FAIL: UncaughtException.java
FAIL: IllegalWait.java
FAIL: WaitTest.java
FAIL: Preempt.java
FAIL: TestSerializable.java
FAIL: TestSerializable2.java
PASS: SerializationCompatibility.java
FAIL: SerialPersistentFields.java
FAIL: TestSerialVersions.java
FAIL: TestSerialPersistent.java
FAIL: TestSerialFields.java
FAIL: TestObjectStreamField.java
FAIL: ReflectInterfaces.java
FAIL: InnerTest.java
FAIL: SerialUID.java
FAIL: TestCasts.java
FAIL: Alias.java
FAIL: NullPointerTest.java
FAIL: NullInvoke.java
FAIL: TableSwitch.java
FAIL: LostFrame.java
FAIL: ConstructorTest.java
FAIL: burford.java
FAIL: IllegalInterface.java
FAIL: GetInterfaces.java
FAIL: IntfTest.java
FAIL: SignedShort.java
FAIL: CharCvt.java
FAIL: BadFloatTest.java
FAIL: ProcessTest.java
FAIL: UDPTest.java
FAIL: SoTimeout.java
FAIL: wc.java
FAIL: FileTest.java
FAIL: FileChecks.java
FAIL: finalexc.java
FAIL: finaltest.java
FAIL: finaltest2.java
FAIL: forNameTest.java
FAIL: LoaderTest.java
FAIL: ArrayForName.java
FAIL: KaffeVerifyBug.java
FAIL: Schtum.java
FAIL: Reflect.java
FAIL: MethodBug.java
FAIL: Bean.java
FAIL: SortTest.java
FAIL: ArraysTest.java
FAIL: SubListTest.java
FAIL: HashTest.java
FAIL: SecureRandomTest.java
FAIL: MapTest.java
FAIL: URLTest.java
FAIL: PropertiesTest.java
FAIL: ReaderTest.java
FAIL: CharArrayReaderTest.java
FAIL: LineNumberReaderTest.java
FAIL: BufferedReaderTest.java
FAIL: ReaderReadVoidTest.java
FAIL: InputStreamTest.java
FAIL: PipeTest.java
FAIL: DateFormatTest.java
FAIL: GetField.java
FAIL: LostTrampolineFrame.java
FAIL: NetworkInterfaceTest.java
FAIL: InetAddressTest.java
FAIL: InetSocketAddressTest.java
FAIL: ReflectInvoke.java
FAIL: InvTarExcTest.java
FAIL: SystemLoaderTest.java
FAIL: NoClassDefTest.java
FAIL: CLTest.java
FAIL: CLTestConc.java
FAIL: CLTestJLock.java
FAIL: CLTestLie.java
FAIL: CLTestFindLoaded.java
FAIL: ClassDeadLock.java
PASS: ExceptionTest.java
FAIL: ExceptionTestClassLoader.java
FAIL: ExceptionTestClassLoader2.java
FAIL: TestClassRef.java
FAIL: ClassGC.java
FAIL: GCTest.java
FAIL: ThreadLocalTest.java
FAIL: BeanBug.java
FAIL: BitSetTest.java
FAIL: ExceptionInInitializerTest.java
FAIL: InitTest.java
FAIL: CLInitThrow.java
FAIL: ProcessClassTest.java
FAIL: ProcessClassInst.java
FAIL: ProcessClassStop.java
FAIL: FindSystemClass.java
FAIL: ProcessClassLockTest.java
FAIL: DoubleBug.java
FAIL: TestUnlock.java
FAIL: MarkResetTest.java
.FAIL: HashtableTest1.java
PASS: ReflectMultiArray.java
FAIL: ExecTest.java
FAIL: ProhibitedClass.java
FAIL: KaffeInternal.java
FAIL: CatchDeath.java
PASS: ThreadStop.java
FAIL: DeadThread.java
FAIL: tthrd1.java
FAIL: DosTimeVerify.java
PASS: ZipVerify.java
FAIL: ZipTest.java
PASS: TruncatedClass.java
FAIL: SoInterrupt.java
FAIL: sysdepCallMethod.java
PASS: TestNative.java
127 of 137 tests failed
Please report to kaffe at kaffe.org
make[3]: *** [check-TESTS] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory `/home/markkp/kaffe-1.1.x-cvs/test/regression'
make[2]: *** [check-am] Error 2
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/markkp/kaffe-1.1.x-cvs/test/regression'
make[1]: *** [check-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/markkp/kaffe-1.1.x-cvs/test'
make: *** [check-recursive] Error 1

Mark Post

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From: Dalibor Topic [mailto:robilad at yahoo.com]
Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2003 9:01 PM
Subject: Updated Kaffe (Was: Re: Call for testers: kaffe-1.1.0 on

Hi Florian,

--- Florian La Roche <laroche at redhat.com> wrote:

> Needed patch:
> --- kaffe-1.1.0/config/s390/linux/md.h
> +++ kaffe-1.1.0/config/s390/linux/md.h
> @@ -23,4 +23,9 @@
>  extern void init_md(void);
>  #define        INIT_MD()       init_md()
> +#define SIGNAL_ARGS(sig, sc) int sig, struct sigcontext sc
> +#define SIGNAL_CONTEXT_POINTER(scp) struct sigcontext * scp
> +#define GET_SIGNAL_CONTEXT_POINTER(sc) (&sc)
> +#define SIGNAL_PC(scp) scp->eip
> +
>  #endif
> Dunno how much further time I can find for this the next days...
> greetings,
> Florian La Roche

thanks a lot for testing and for the patch! I've checked it in. And I hope
I've also fixed the va_list assignment problems by using __va_copy.

The latest 'test release' is available at

dalibor topic

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