[kaffe] kaffe 1.1.0 with qt awt on board like assabet

Dalibor Topic robilad at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 16 00:59:01 PDT 2003

Hi Sankalpa,

--- Sankalpa <sgamwarige at sri.crossvue.com> wrote:
> Hi
> 	First of all I must thank to the community for their prompt
> responses,specially to Dalibor Topic.

I'm flattered ;)

> 	I managed to up kaffe on my board like assabet with qt awt support.


> Now I tested with a simple awt application.It works fine.

sorry that it took so long to get there.
> How ever the I like to report about following.
> 1.Though FAQ.awt says it support swing simple swing application did not
> work.

have you tried using sun's swing 1.1.1 with kaffe? citing from the FAQ.awt:

We completely support Swing. The version that works best with kaffe is
JFC 1.1 with SWING 1.1.1, available from
http://java.sun.com/products/jfc/download.html. Later versions may or
may not run. Patches to get them to run are welcome. It would be in
general preferable to help out GNU Classpath to implement SWING,

> 2.There is some problem with Inner classes
> 3.The look and feel of controls of awt is not good.Specially buttons do
> not appear as 3d and TextArea controller did not appear as it is.
> 4.Further we found many exceptins in event handling.
> (But my QTOPIA palm top works very fine)

the qt-awt implementation is not as stable or polished as the Xlib one. so
consequently, we are looking for AWT hackers who know a deal about Qt to help
improve it, and fix the remaining issues. It would be very nice if you could
help out, since you
a) are using AWT
b) are using Qt
c) last but not least have a personal interest in seing it fixed ;)

So if you're not tainted (i.e. haven't looked at or disassembled Sun's code, or
signed some NDAs that would prevent you from contributing) I'd propose to start
with a cleanup patch, that removes all the commented out and ifdef 0 -ed
portions of code from the Qt-based AWT implementation. Then it should be easier
to spot the bugs ;)

dalibor topic

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