[kaffe] Replaced the good old lightweight AWT?!

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Mon Jun 16 10:31:02 PDT 2003

Hi Jim,

--- Jim Pick <jim at kaffe.org> wrote:
> Actually, we have multiple AWTs now, selectable at configure time.
> I wouldn't mind seeing it so that we could compile them all in, and
> easily select them at run time, using properties, or something like
> that.  If somebody was really ambitious, maybe it's even possible to
> mix them up, and run multiple AWTs at once.  :-)
> I'd like to see a merge of the old Transvirtual lightweight AWT from
> the PocketLinux fork of Kaffe.  That had a lot of neat stuff, and
> support for things like drawing to the framebuffer, and quite a few
> low level graphics libraries.
> Also, there's Classpath's AWT, which has GTK peer classes implemented. 
> They've got some Swing stuff too.
> Another cool one to suck in might be Rudolph (from Acunia's Wonka VM),
> which also works on the framebuffer.
> Another one that looks interesting is Agile2D, which is a Java 2D
> implementation, that sits on top of OpenGL (released under the MPL). 
> It's not really an AWT, but they have pictures of Swing running on top
> of it.  We could port the back end of the Transvirtual lightweight
> AWT onto it, I think.

sounds like more material for the projects section of the FAQ.awt. ;) Could you
check in an update?

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