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> problem.
> Hi,
> Next time submit (or at least cc'ed) to kaffe at kaffe.org, then anyones
> effort can be kept centralized. But anyway, thank you to appreciate
> this documentation.
> Still my description should not be enough, but in your case
> --host=mips-linux
> --build=i686-linux
> which I mean, host is the system where 'the generated code works'.
> The most complicated issue (which should not happen for kaffe, BTW),
> is if you want to make a cross compiler on SYSTEM-A, which is supposed
> to run on SYSTEM-B, to generate code for SYSTEM-C, and in this case
> --target=SYSTEM-C
> --host=SYSTEM-B
> --build=SYSTEM-A
> Understand?
> Kiyo

Hi. Thanks for commenting about my problem.
But I don't still have a conviction thess options
( --host, --target, --build)
As I said,  My development is the following
   For my system,
   1. my developing system (host PC) is i686 / linux
   2. my target system is mips(r5000) / linux
   3. my cross-compiler is mips-linux-gcc and so on.

I understood your message as the following
"make a cross compiler on SYSTEM-A" (--build)
             : it means SYSTEM-A is the system where cross
compiler(mips-linux-gcc and so on.) is installed.
",which is supposed to run on SYSTEM-B" (--host)
             : it means System-B s the system where  cross compiler is
installed and works.
",which is supposed toto generate code for SYSTEM-C " (--target)
             : it means  System-C is the system where birnary tree that is
generaged by compiling(configure, make, make install)
               will be run
Is it right?

If so, is the option right?
   --host = i686-linux     --target = mips-linux    --build=i686-linux

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