[kaffe] Fw: Hi...Thanks for your FAQ.Cross-compiling. But I still have a confusing

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Wed Jun 25 23:35:02 PDT 2003


>I understood your message as the following
>",which is supposed to run on SYSTEM-B" (--host)
>             : it means System-B s the system where  cross compiler is
>installed and works.

Your description is corerct, but you may misunderstand, still...

Let's say SYSTEM-A to be super-fast machine (ok i686-linux can be one
of this), and SYSTEM-B to be old m68k-linux box (slow...), and SYSTEM-C
to be embedded system like H8300. You can make a gcc (one of cross
compilers which supports this complicated condition) 'running on m68k to
generate code for H8300' on i686-linux! 

In case of Kaffe, you can not generate code for different machines
(because the compilation is done on the fly, that's the reason why it
is called JIT), so the target and host are ALWAYS same.

>If so, is the option right?
>   --host = i686-linux     --target = mips-linux    --build=i686-linux
Hense, the answer is '--host=mips-linux', and you can omit to specify
'target' in this case.


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