[kaffe] Fw: Hi...Thanks for your FAQ.Cross-compiling. But I still have a confusing

정종진_KETI mozzalt at keti.re.kr
Thu Jun 26 00:15:01 PDT 2003

> Hi,
> >I understood your message as the following
> >",which is supposed to run on SYSTEM-B" (--host)
> >             : it means System-B s the system where  cross compiler is
> >installed and works.
> Your description is corerct, but you may misunderstand, still...
> Let's say SYSTEM-A to be super-fast machine (ok i686-linux can be one
> of this), and SYSTEM-B to be old m68k-linux box (slow...), and SYSTEM-C
> to be embedded system like H8300. You can make a gcc (one of cross
> compilers which supports this complicated condition) 'running on m68k to
> generate code for H8300' on i686-linux! 
> In case of Kaffe, you can not generate code for different machines
> (because the compilation is done on the fly, that's the reason why it
> is called JIT), so the target and host are ALWAYS same.
> >If so, is the option right?
> >   --host = i686-linux     --target = mips-linux    --build=i686-linux
> Hense, the answer is '--host=mips-linux', and you can omit to specify
> 'target' in this case.
> Kiyo

I firmly understand those option mean.

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