[kaffe] Warning: Unrecognized version number 47/0 in classfile.

Gerlando Falauto iurly at writeme.com
Sun Jun 29 19:32:01 PDT 2003


Thanks for you answer.

I had already patched my readClass.c according to kaffe-1.1.0 to get the
rid of the warning.

What I am wondering now is, what's the difference between those versions?
I mean, is there any chance that the 1.3 class format is /really/
incompatible with kaffe-1.0.7 and therefore might lead to unexpected
behaviors (which would inevitably drive me insane)? Why would we have a
different number (apart from a different *language* specification) if the
classfiles were 100% compatible? Or are they compatible, but it's just by

And how (using which tool) was the distribution 1.0.7 Klasses.jar built
to begin with?


On Mon, 30 Jun 2003, ???_KETI wrote:

> When you use the latest kaffe( kaffe-1.1.0), thist warning will not be.
> Aosl If you correct source code,  check out waring message in
> kaffe/kaffevm/readClass.c .
> Added 'macro' and 'if-sentence' to readClass() in kaffe/kaffevm/readClass.c.
> It didn't print warning message any more.
> I hope it is helpful to you.

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