[kaffe] Kaffe OJI plugin woes

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Tue Mar 11 10:41:01 PST 2003

Sorry for the empty mail,

here's the real reply:

Hi Vrihad,

--- Vrihad Shoonya <vrihad at myway.com> wrote:

> I am trying to get kaffe oji plugin working with
> mozilla 1.2.1.

That's good news.

> Apparently c++ is choking at a macro called
> But this macro is not defined anywhere in mozilla
> includes.
> Actually available macros are named
> etc. I am not sure how to proceed from here. Can
> anyone having
> experience with oji plugin structure help me?

XPCOM questions should go to the appropriate
newsgroup, as the chances are higher you'll find XPCOM
experts on netscape.public.mozilla.xpcom than in this

and especially Alec Flett may know more

> By the way has kaffe-oji plugin development stopped?

I am not aware of anyone currrently hacking on it
except from yourself, of course.

> I am very
> interested on it as its a perfect solution for
> embedded
> devices where sun's jvm can not be used due to its
> bloat.

It would great if you could get it to work with
kaffe.org's kaffe. It has been originally written for
pocketlinux version of kaffe, and apparently a much
older version of mozilla, so it's no small feat.

And, if you fix it, you get to maintain it :)

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