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hi Ranjesh,

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> 1. Is there any documentation on how the Kaffe VM is
> designed with the overall picture of what goes where
> ?
> If so can someone send me a link ? 

It's not centralised, so some parts are on different
servers on the net. Here's a small overview:

First, kaffe comes with its documentation in the FAQ
directory. Then there is a collection of essential
documentation links in the first edition of Kaffe
Weekly News. Finally, there is some stuff on the web,
so if you search for something specific, you're likely
to find information you're looking for in kaffe's
mailing list archives, or on some other site.

> 2. Are there any specific documentation on VMs in
> general which will help me understand the kaffe code
> better ? (including online documentation/ online
> books
> / or books worth reading)

The Java Virtual Machine Specification, and the Java
Language Specification (both available online from
Sun) are essential.

there is a nice book by Venners "Inside the Java
Virtual Machine", which covers the VM internals with
explanatory applets. Part of it is online at

If you want to hack on the class libraries, I can
recommend the Java Class Libraries 2nd Edition books
by Chen et. al. for those times where the online Java
API documentation leaves things to be desired.
Unfortunately, they only cover the class libraray
changes up to Java 1.2.

best regards,
dalibor topic

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