[kaffe] AWT runntime bug

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Wed Mar 12 01:00:01 PST 2003

Hi Justin,

--- Justin Dearing <jdearing at cuthbeat.com> wrote:
> I wrote the attached class that runs fine on Sun's
> JDK. However, when I
> run it on Kaffe I get the error at the bottom of the
> email. It freezes
> at the exception and the Frame is never displayed. I
> have to crtl-c out
> of it. If I simply comment out one off the
> drawButton() calls it works
> fine in Kaffe. I tried the latest cvs code, tried
> binaries compiled
> against both kaffes and sun's sdk and I even tried
> using jikes with
> kaffe's bootclasspath. I assume its some kind of
> garbage collection
> issue. Any insight would be helpful

thanks for the bug report. Apperently, there is a bug
with the implementation of grid cell allocation when
one of the components wants to be layouted RELATIVE to
others. GridBagLayout is complicated, so it may take a
while until I understand the code well enough to fix

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