[kaffe] Compare kaffe and IBMJava2-131 Java Virtual Machine.

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Fri Mar 14 01:16:01 PST 2003

hi Greg,

--- Greg Wooledge <greg at wooledge.org> wrote:
> I also had to add java/io/CharArrayWriter to
> essential.files to get
> it to build the javalib.

I used jikes, so I didn't notice that.
> Then I stopped it by pressing Ctrl-C in the window
> where I had started
> it.  I don't know if this was supposed to cause some
> sort of extra
> information to be printed in the output file; if you
> need me to do it
> again and terminate Freenet in some other way, let
> me know.

My code plants a hook into Runtime.exit in order to
print out the object counter table. So exiting via
Ctrl-C is a short-cut that jumps over my code. We'll
need to do this again, unfortunately.

If there is no way the freenet daemon can not be told
to 'exit', then I can ammend the patch with a thread
that regularly dumps the information from the trace

the patch should print its output to System.out when
the program calls Runtime.exit().

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