[kaffe] JavaVM.AttachCurrentThread produces segfault

Dalibor Topic robilad at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 20 00:34:01 PST 2003

Hallo Jens,

--- JB <jb at j-b-s.de> wrote:

> While searching the web for a solution to my jni
> problem I found your really old message
> (20-Sep-2001) !! But nevertheless my problem is the
> same (asyn callback to java crashes the VM). have
> you ever solved the problem ? if so, can you give me
> a little hint ??

Browsing through the change logs, I coudn't find it
mentioned anywhere, so I'd assume it has not been
fixed yet. Check out
for the follow up message, which includes ideas for a
workaround and fixing it. Maybe you could send in a
patch that returns an error instead of crashing?

> P.S. I am not sure but your name "Enno Brehm" should
> allow us to use the german language :-) Am I right

Probably, but keep in mind that using a language other
than what is commonly used on a forum seriously
degrades its useabilty to those who don't speak that
language yet.[1] :)

dalibor topic

[1] private mail sent to me in German is fine. But I
prefer to have discussions about kaffe on the mailing
list, rather than dug in between my nigerian business
contacts I haven't heard of, some horny russian women
I haven't heard of, and the ton of trash mail
announcing products I don't want to hear about at all ;)

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