[kaffe] Re: compiling for m68k with optimization works.

Tony Wyatt wyattaw at optushome.com.au
Mon May 5 23:53:01 PDT 2003

Hi Kiyo,

On 06-May-03, you wrote:

> And, Tony, could you please let me know whether -O works fine with
> or without this patch? If it works without this patch on Amiga, I
> also want to know gcc version you are using.
I've found many funny things that gcc produces, but I've never found
anything that goes away with -O0. I always use -O2 and it never generates
code that would be better with no optimisation.

The gcc I am using on the Amiga is 2.95.1. It's old, but I don't dare change
it - it might never work again! I have 3.2.2 here ready to compile, but I
haven't tried it yet.

I don't have a problem with assertions on the Amiga platform. In fact, I
have added many of them in new places in an attempt to find bugs. 

Most of my problems have been caused by Amiga eccentricities, like the use
of a5 instead of a6 for frame pointer. On the Amiga, a6 is sacred.

BTW, what hardware platform are you using?


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