[kaffe] OpenBSD i386 undefined trampoline symbol error at runtime

Greg Wooledge greg at wooledge.org
Fri May 9 15:13:01 PDT 2003

Timothy Stack (stack at cs.utah.edu) wrote:

> So, CVS update and see if, at 
> least, the underscore stuff works.

Yes, it seems you've fixed it. :)

gmake distclean
cvs -z3 update -dPA
(stop freenet)
mv /usr/local/kaffe /usr/local/kaffe.bak
./configure --with-includes=/usr/local/include --with-libraries=/usr/local/lib --with-engine=jit3
(ld: -ltritonuscommon: no match)
vi libtool  (change need_version to yes)
gmake clean
gmake install
java -version
(Kaffe Virtual Machine ... Engine: Just-in-time v3   Version: 1.1.x-cvs   Java Version: 1.1)
(restart Freenet)

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