Volunteers for merge? (Was: Re: [kaffe] Jit3 for IA-64)

Svante Arvedal svaar968 at student.liu.se
Mon May 12 12:00:01 PDT 2003

Hello Dalibor,

> it would be nice to have Svante's jit3 implementation for ia64 in kaffe
for the
> next release.
That would be nice. But as you can see from my fixme.txt file it's not a
complete implementation.

> It would be very cool if you could try merging it with the
> current source tree (I tried and failed miserably ;).
Unfortunately I no longer have access to an ia64 machine, but it would be
interesting to see a log of where things go wrong. I'm willing to help as
much as I can.


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