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Thu May 15 05:27:01 PDT 2003

Ciao Gerlando,

--- Gerlando Falauto <iurly at writeme.com> wrote:

> I finally managed to get my ported version to pass about 30% of the test
> cases in interpreter mode. Found a few bugs in the underlying framework, 
> and many more are still to be discovered, I am afraid. 

30 % is not that bad. Cygwin is in worse shape, as far as I remember. The RISC
OS port has just passed HelloWorld, and I've checked their sources in. So if
you could clean it up, I wouldn't mind to merge it in.
> Second, even if we (my projectmates and I) managed to write the jit code
> all at once, we certainly wouldn't expect it to work right off, not even
> on (apparently) simple tests like HelloWorld. So, how should we go about
> it? I mean, we might want to test a few features/opcodes at a time... any
> suggestions on how to get started?

jit3 is going to be where the action is in the future, I believe. Tim has been
working on improving jit3 in JanosVM, and those improvements will get merged in
one day.

He also merged in a set of regression tests for the jitter, that should be
helpful. Take alook at the test/internal directory.

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