[kaffe] (no subject)

Gerlando Falauto iurly at writeme.com
Thu May 15 09:22:02 PDT 2003

Hi Tim,

thanks a lot for your impressively quick response!
I checked out the test/internal directory and it seems pretty much what I 

I got a minor problem though, I have been working on version 1.0.7 (the
head version seemed far too big and complicated to try working on that), 
so I kinda don't know how to merge it in my sandbox... I tried simply 
adding test/internal/Makefile to configure, but on make I get some weird:

Makefile:364: *** missing separator.  Stop.

where Makefile:364 says

@AMDEP_TRUE@@am__include@ @am__quote at ./$(DEPDIR)/jitBasic.Po at am__quote@

Any ideas how to fix that? I know this has nothing to do with kaffe,
but a little help could save me at least a whole day otherwise spent 
trying to figure out all the Automake/Autoconf/Configure/whatever magic stuff.

Thanks again!

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