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Dalibor Topic robilad at
Thu May 15 06:10:02 PDT 2003


here's the current status update from me.

--- Dalibor Topic <robilad at> wrote:

 * features:
 +   qtopia support (patch is on list, waits for me to
 test it and merge it in)

 I'll do it on friday.

 +   support for 1.4 style stack traces (from GNU
 Noone is working on that one, right?

 * non-essential features:
 +   more documentation: switch to DocBook, generate
 man pages for tools, write FAQ.cross-compilation,
 merge in Edouard's porting guide.
 I'll try to check in Edouard's porting guide. I have to figure out docbook
first, ad how to get it to work with automake. I'm not sure if I can manage to
do it before the freeze.

> +   pure_java variants of some class libraries,
> namely, dns support

I'll check DNS support in tonight. 

Zip support needs Classpath's collection implementation, so it's postponed.
> +   support for security policies

I'll wait to see what Helmer's class loading patch does in this area before I
check anything in.
> * fixes:
> +   fixes for make dist / make distcheck
Tim wants to take a look at make distcheck.

> +   fixes for serialization to let the Jython
> installer run
> +   fixes for remaining Freenet problems
> +   fixes for any remaining XSmiles problems
> +   fixes for other remaining bugs reported on list
> (mostly AWT stuff, I believe)
> +   fixes for mauve failures on core classes
> remains to be done ... but since they are not exactly features, they can
> fixed
> post freeze.
> +   fix 1.2 style class loading

Helmer has got Eclipse to partially load, so I'll wait for his patch.
> +   any platform specific fixes
> kiyo has got some fixes for m68k pending
> , AFAIK. What's the
> status there?

> * merges:
> +   Classpath's collections (to be able to run
> japitools on kaffe)

I've started to merge in collections. I'll leave tricky classes out for post

> +   any other platform specific merges
> I assume that's mostly m68k fixes at the moment.

I need to take another look at the mandrake patches for 1.0.7-2.mdk

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