[kaffe] Re: 1.1.0 wishlist

Jim Pick jim at kaffe.org
Thu May 15 13:03:01 PDT 2003

On Mon, 2003-05-12 at 09:21, Dalibor Topic wrote:
> I think the old plan is still in place, with feature freeze on 2003-05-18, and
> release on 2003-06-01. I'm behind the schedule on getting the features and
> fixes in, but the top priority bit for me, make dist, now works, and I've
> upgraded everything to latest auto* tools & libtool. 

Good work on that, by the way!

One idea I've got for the "make dist" target would be to generate the
rt.jar during the make dist phase, and use that for non-CVS compiles.  I
don't know how much work that is though -- it wouldn't be the end of the
world if we don't distribute a rt.jar.

> * non-essential features:
> +   more documentation: switch to DocBook, generate
> man pages for tools, write FAQ.cross-compilation,
> FAQ.benchmarking, merge in Edouard's porting guide.
> I'll check in Edouard's porting guide tonight. I can create a FAQ.benchmarking
> from my FAQ.ashes and Dan's FAQ.volanomark. I have't had a chance to look at
> cross compilation yet, unfortunately.
> I hope that Jim can do the DocBook bit ;) It would be nice to generate the man
> pages from DocBook source, for example.

I'll try to get some DocBook stuff ready for the freeze on Sunday.  I'm
quite interested in that little part of the project.  I've got some
DocBook stuff for other projects that works, so it shouldn't be too

I've been quite busy with work and real life lately, and I've been
somewhat AWOL from the list.  I'm totally impressed with how much
everybody is contributing!

The other thing I'm really interested in seeing is getting the website
moved over to Tomcat, running on Kaffe, of course.  I've been neglecting
the site quite a bit.  Hopefully, I can open it up a bit and make it
more of a community thing.

I have been working on some webapps though that I'd like to put up
there.  One of the first things I want to do is put in searchable web
archives, and a code browser thing I've been working on (which needs
JSTL, and Tomcat 4).  In the longer term I'd like to hook in a bug
tracker and some automated reports -- eg. benchmarks, regression testing
(ours and Mauve), and maybe even set up a Jakarta Gump system.  I also
want to resurrect my failed attempt at doing the Kaffe Weekly News -
I've got some ideas on how to largely automate it.

It sounds like we're getting close to getting Tomcat 4 going.   I'm
going to take another stab at it this weekend (or before).


 - Jim

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