[kaffe] Re: Is BufferedImage supported in Kaffe?

Jacob Wang jacobkaffe at yahoo.com
Tue May 20 09:29:02 PDT 2003

Hi, Thanks a lot, Torsten and Dalibor,

> I mailed with dalibor and classpath about it, (this
> behavior is quite 
> senseless), but so they do pass simple compatibility
> tests with SUNs JDK.
The simple compatibility tests your mentioned don't
include anything on BufferedImage, right? 

Also, I'm wondering if Classpath supports
BufferedImage so far?

And yet another question, is it doable if I use JDK
implementation for java.awt.image package and kaffe
implementation for other awt packages to support
BufferedImage? Will there be any technical (will JDK
java.awt.image package be compatible with kaffe
awt?)or legal (copyright) issues?

Thanks again for your clarification!

Jacob Wang

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