[kaffe] Re: LinkedList.subList severely broken

Daniel Bonniot Daniel.Bonniot at inria.fr
Thu May 22 05:53:01 PDT 2003

>go ahead, Mauve hackers always welcome new tests.
Well, when I submitted a test case to mauve-patches ~1month ago, nobody 
picked it up, and it is still not in CVS.
Is submitting to mauve-patches the wrong thing to do?
My patch on that list is the only one since Janury 1st, and there were 
about 2-3 in each previous year.

>Mauve is the "cross-vm" compatibility test suite. It contains a ton of tests
>for different aspects of class library functionality. Kaffe (and other VMs)
>also usually have regression test suites to quickly detect resurfacing of known
>bugs. It comes down to different purpose, different test suite. 
Is it that mauve is big, and therefore long to run, and you prefer to 
have also a smaller set that especially exercise Kaffe, and can be run 
more quickly?
How long is running Mauve on Kaffe? Is there an automatic daily run?

Maybe it would be worth to add to Mauve tags like 'Kaffe', to be able to 
select a subset of all tests when you want a quick, interactive run.
I remember the tag system is already there, because there is JDK1.X to 
select which tests to run.

The problem with having two suites is that they have different formats, 
and so it's more work to implement both, and to commit them to two 
different CVS repositories. So likely, some tests will only be written 
for Kaffe, and will be wasted for other VMs.
Wouldn't it be possible to agree that new tests should be written for 
Mauve only, optionally with a Kaffe tag?


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