[kaffe] Re: LinkedList.subList severely broken

Daniel Bonniot Daniel.Bonniot at inria.fr
Thu May 22 08:03:01 PDT 2003

>time make check KEYS="java. \!java.lang.Character.unicode"
>234 of 2329 tests failed
Ouch, that sounds like a lot of failures. Are most of those 
unimplemented features, or implementation bugs? (the latter is much more 
serious, because the program might run, but produce incorrect results, 
and it will be difficult to track down).
Is it a lack of manpower that prevents from solving these failures?

>real    0m51.953s
That is 0 minutes and 51 seconds, right? That's quite short.

Another problem with having so many failures is that it makes it more 
difficult to spot if a change in Kaffe introduced regressions. Is there 
an easy way to know that (the same for Kaffe's own suite: are some cases 
know to fail at a given time, like now?).

>there is no automatic daily run. if you want to setup one, that would be really
>cool. Check out automauve
I'm not sure I can find the time resources to do that. Maybe if it is a 
straightforward adaptation of the existing framework.
On what machine would be tests run?

>I doubt the mauve hackers would want VM specific tests in the test suite. It's
>is supposed to test spec compliance, after all ;)
I did not think of VM specific tests, but just a way to select some 
tests for custom runs. However, given the short time to run Mauve, I 
don't think it is needed.
What would be useful would be a way to track changes in the results 
(progress/regression), for each config (VM). Is there support for this 
in Mauve?
I remember seeing such a feature in the Jacks compiler testsuite.

>That's fine with me, as I can run the mauve suite fairly quickly. If someone
>sets up a daily mauve run, I don't think we would lose anything by 'only'
>having the test only once ;)
Is a daily run sufficient? When I modify my programs, I prefer to get 
feedback from the testsuite in the next minutes, not the next day.
Isn't it better to have a local copy of mauve ready for running after 
each local change to Kaffe?
How easy is it to run Mauve of kaffe? Is this documented somewhere?


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