[kaffe] build failure if old version present, ServletContext.setAttribute

Kevin D. Kissell kevink at mips.com
Thu May 29 04:31:01 PDT 2003

> > > From the traces you've sent in this thread, I would assume
> > > that this assertion failure only occurrs when you get a
> > > NullPointerException, is that correct?
> > 
> > The past two times, that seemed to be the case.  However, it's
> > different today, as shown below.
> There are actually two different assertions that fail:
> * The !INTS_DISABLED one somewhere in exception.c which seems to
>   fail only after a NullPointerException. If that is correct, I
>   would suspect that kaffe's signal handling doesn't work 100%
>   correct on OpenBSD

One sees (or used to see) the same failure mode under Linux if the stack
frame or (more often) the frame pointer register is corrupted.

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