[kaffe] Libtool fix for m68k-amigaos (Was: Re: Kaffe on the Amiga)

Dalibor Topic robilad at yahoo.com
Fri May 30 05:48:02 PDT 2003

Hi Tony,

--- Tony Wyatt <wyattaw at optushome.com.au> wrote:

> > Could you tell me which scripts break on pdksh? I'd
> > like to have a look, maybe there's something I can do
> > about it. Having to port bash first to be able to
> > build kaffe is a rather big requirement ;)
> > 
> The scripts that break are the "libtool" scripts. there are two - one in the
> root directory, one in /libltdl. The offending line is shown below (broken
> up because it's a long line). I have taken the original line from
> aclocal.m4:1947:
>   finish_eval='for lib in `ls $libdir/*.ixlibrary 2>/dev/null`;\
>    do libname=`$echo "X$lib" | \
>    $Xsed -e '\''s%^.*/\([[^/]]*\)\.ixlibrary$%\1%'\''`;\
>    test $rm /sys/libs/${libname}_ixlibrary.a; \
>    $show "(cd /sys/libs && $LN_S $lib ${libname}_ixlibrary.a)";\
>    (cd /sys/libs && $LN_S $lib ${libname}_ixlibrary.a) \
>    || exit 1; done'
> kdsh objects to the parentheses around the strings 
> "cd /sys/libs && $LN_S $lib${libname}_ixlibrary.a" and 
> "cd /sys/libs && $LN_S $lib${libname}_ixlibrary.a". 
> If I remove those parentheses, it builds OK.

I've attached a patch that removes the parentheses against the latest CVS head.

Could you give it a spin and see if it works better?

It also propagates the OpenBSD versioning change into the libltdl sources ;)


 * libtool.m4:
 Remove parentheses around finish_eval part which broke on amigaos pdksh.

 * libltdl/acinclude.m4
 Replaced by updated libtool.m4 from top directory.

 * aclocal.m4,

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