[kaffe] Can I use a mng image in kaffe?

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Fri May 30 07:31:02 PDT 2003


--- Á¤Á¾Áø_KETI <mozzalt at keti.re.kr> wrote:
> Dear Kaffe export.
> I want to see a 'mng' image using kaffe in both the host and the target
> board.
> I portted kaffe with QT in my target. I think that the image (gif,jpeg,png)
> is displayed through QT.

Yes, it appears that only libraries/clib/awt/qt/img.cc is linked into the
library, and that one uses Qt's image handling functions, as far as I can see.

> So I compiled QT with option that supports mng.
> But I could not see an 'animated png' (mng) image. I could just see a single
> png ( one of mng).
> How can I display a mng image in kaffe?

first of all, can you see an mng with Qt standalone? 

If that works, than you may have found a bug in kaffe. You should try to figure
out how kaffe handles your code that tries to display the mng image (kaffe
-verbosecall is quite helpful for the java libraries, running kaffe in the
debugger is helpful with native libs). See FAQ/FAQ.debugging for more

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