[kaffe] looking for class java/lang/object

Christopher Pinon pinon at sdf-eu.org
Thu Nov 6 08:07:06 PST 2003


I have to confess that I know next to nothing about java, but I have a
java program that I would like to run that requires a java virtual
machine.  I decided to compile and install the stable version of kaffe
for this purpose.  The compilation of kaffe went well and I ran the
tests successfully, and I then added the search path for the kaffe
binary.  (This is on an i486 running Linux with kernel 2.2.16.)

The next step was to install the java program that I want to run (it's
already compiled).  The installation found and recognized kaffe
unproblematically.  However, upon trying to run the java program I get
the following error message:

Couldn't find or load essential class 'java/lang/object'
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError java/lang/Object

I would like to ask what this error means and how I might fix it. 
(Well, I suppose that the essential class java/lang/object is missing,
but I wonder how I was supposed to have installed it, assuming that it
doesn't come with kaffe.)

Any help would be much appreciated.


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