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Wed Nov 12 10:39:02 PST 2003

Hi Christopher,

Christopher Pinon wrote:
> Hi,
> I have to confess that I know next to nothing about java, but I have a
> java program that I would like to run that requires a java virtual
> machine.  I decided to compile and install the stable version of kaffe
> for this purpose.  The compilation of kaffe went well and I ran the
> tests successfully, and I then added the search path for the kaffe
> binary.  (This is on an i486 running Linux with kernel 2.2.16.)
> The next step was to install the java program that I want to run (it's
> already compiled).  The installation found and recognized kaffe
> unproblematically.  However, upon trying to run the java program I get
> the following error message:
> Couldn't find or load essential class 'java/lang/object'
> java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError java/lang/Object
> I would like to ask what this error means and how I might fix it. 
> (Well, I suppose that the essential class java/lang/object is missing,
> but I wonder how I was supposed to have installed it, assuming that it
> doesn't come with kaffe.)

You probably have something in the CLASSPATH that kaffe doesn't like. 
1.0.7 had quite bad CLASSPATH handling and would ocassionally get 
confused about the location of it's own core classes.

Could you try the latest developer release, 1.1.2? It has several 
imporvements to it's CLASSPATH handling and should be quite hard to confuse.

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