[kaffe] What is the configure option (KAFFEH=xxxDIR)?

Jung,Jong Jin mozzalt at keti.re.kr
Mon Oct 6 06:20:04 PDT 2003

Dear Kaffe Export.
I have a simple question.
I don't know the configure option of KAFFEH=XXXDIR.
Without the option(KAFFEH=xxxDIR), an error ('please set KEFFEH to the
full pathname of a locally_executable kaffeh') happens

At first, I make a 'configure', 'make' and 'make install' for my
x86-linux  in order to set KAFFEH.
That is, I configure like the following
1  ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/x86kaffe
2  make
3 make install
So, I could get a kaffe-binary-tree that is able to run java-code in

At second, I make a configure for my target board(mips, linux)
So I set the configure option KAFFEF=xxxDIR as the directory
(/usr/local/x86kaffe/bin/kaffeh). This directory is obtained from

It makes no error and managed to succeeded in building a kaffe.

I really wonder the setting (KAFFEH=$X86KAFFE/bin/kaffeh)is right or

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