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Wed Oct 8 09:04:02 PDT 2003

Chris Gray wrote:
> Any accomodation tips anybody?  I don't know Saarbruecken, and I guess it's 
> best if we can all stay in the same kind of area ...

Disclaimer: I live in Saarbruecken.

I've offerred to some developers to stay at my place if they want to, 
depending on the replies, I may have a place or two to spare, or may be 
able to find private accomodation among folks I know. But don't rely on 
it ;)

So for the more careful planners, I'll take a run down the list of 
places on http://www.linux-kongress.org/2003/accommodations/index.html

Youth Hostel: been there, it's cheap, and quite o.k. It's 5 mins away 
from Uni, where the Kongress will take place. It's also about 10 mins 
away from my place by foot, and maybe 20 mins away by foot from the 
train station (if you come by train). 15 mins away walking from the pub 
area of town. ;)

Gaestehaus Weller: basically, around a corner or two from the youth 
hostel. Some of our researchers at the MPI stayed there. Can be cheaper 
that Youth Hostel if you can get together with a few other guys to share 
a room. Probably your best bet for nice, yet cheap accomodation.

Hotel Paul: If you come by car, it may be an option. Other than that, 
you're at the end of the world ;)

Bayrischer Hof: A little off the mark, though still between city and 
uni, which means the walking distance in each direction is about 30 
mins. Probably quite peaceful, too.

Continental: In the city center, about 10 mins from train station. Best 
bet to go to uni is to take a bus at Rathaus, lines 11 or 19. It takes 
probably about 40-50 Minutes to walk to uni from there. Pubs are in 
crawling distance, though.

Mercure/La Residence: Both are in the same square, about 2-3 minutes 
away from train station. Expensive, but if you're looking into hotels 
with a few stars in Saarbruecken, two of the very few options.

Hotels not on the Webpage: I got a few inside tips from our researcher 
dispatch staff, that I'll look at tonight, and post more details.

Here's some more options from another conferences' page: 
http://edvgt.jura.uni-sb.de/Tagung03/HotelListe.html . As someone who 
lived in Dudweiler, I can't recommend staying in this suburb of 
Saarbruecken, unless you have to ;) It's a rather boring place.

If you're looking for another cheap option, the Etap hotel is another 
choice, but it's quite off mark, walking-wise. You can take the bus line 
12 to uni, or take the saarbahn (local tram/inner city train) to get to 
the city (and the trainstation), though.

Then the local tourist board also has some specials: there is a two 
night special called Salue Saarbruecken, available at most hotels. See 
http://www.kontour.de/content.jsp?auswahl=null&kontext=Kontext_81 for 
deatils. Those are for two nights ("Uebernachtung") including breakfast 
("Fruehstueck") in a double bed room ("DoppelZimmer") (2 Ü/Fr.im DZ) per 
person. Separate single room ("EinzelZimmer") costs extra (EZ-Zu.2 Ü/F). 
You can also extend your stay by paying the extension fee for a night in 
the double bed room (1Ü/Fr. Verl. im DZ) or the single room (EZ-Zuschl.
1 Ü/Fr.).

During the duration of Linux Kongress, the offer is only valid in a few 
hotels. The offer is apparently *not* valid in  Best Western Victors 
Residenz Hotel Rodenhof, Hotel Continental, Hotel Ibis, Hotel Kaiserhof, 
  Top Hotel La Résidence, Hotel Madeleine, Hotel Meran, Hotel Mercure 
Kongres, Novotel, Sengscheider Hof, Jugendgästehaus. Some of the gotels 
seem to have specials for groups, or extra specials ("Schnaeppchenpreise").

If you're planning to stay over the weekend, there is another special: 
http://www.kontour.de/content.jsp?auswahl=null&kontext=Kontext_80 for 3 
nights , double bed room, breakfast. This is probably of concern to only 
some of you who want to come in earlier/stay longer so I'll provide 
translations upon popular request ;)

In any case, if you're coming down, send me a private e-mail, and I'll 
send you my contact details, so you can get in touch with me on my 
mobile, etc. And in any case, we should all meet on monday evening for a 
couple of drinks ;)

looking forward to see you all here,
dalibor topic

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