[kaffe] Re: Where to stay in Saarbruecken

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Sun Oct 12 15:47:02 PDT 2003

Chris Gray wrote:
> On Wednesday 08 October 2003 17:59, Dalibor Topic wrote:
>>In any case, if you're coming down, send me a private e-mail, and I'll
>>send you my contact details, so you can get in touch with me on my
>>mobile, etc. And in any case, we should all meet on monday evening for a
>>couple of drinks ;)
> Dalibor,
> if you're organising a meal on Tuesday evening then count me in.  Same goes 
> for drinks tommorow (Monday) - send me an SMS on the number below. (I'll be 
> leaving home sometime around noon, so email won't reach me after then).

No worries. I'll be doing some chili cooking & drinking with Mark 
Wielaard at my place first (details below), and we may decide to finish 
the evening in one of the surrounding bars. Join us anytime.

So come to Martin-Luther-Strasse 6a, and ring the bell for with Topic on 
it, that's me ;) The place is quite easy to find, Mark got lost in 
Saarbruecken, and popped out right at my door this afternoon. So the 
simplest way to find it walking from the train station is to turn left 
when you get out, and follow the city train tracks till you arrive at a 
church, Johanneskirche. standing at the church? Good, walk down the 
street between the church's garden and the buildings left to it (if you 
came down from the train station). From there you just keep going 
straight down that street across the Nauwieser quarter, till you get to 
a bus stop, that says LVA on it. If you're taking a taxi, you want to go 
to 'LVA' or 'el-fauh-ah' as Germans pronounce that. You're basically 
there: a few meters down the road is a red 'TOTAL' gas station, and a 
'Crown' gambling place. My door is next to the gaming place, 6a.

If you miss it, don't hesitate to call me: +49 681 3799246 or my mobile 
at +49 177 2664192. Oh, and if you need a place to stay, or help 
locating a hotel, give me a call as well. I could provide a sleeping bag 
for one, and room to crash for another person or two.

I assume we'll organize the dinner on tuesday on the spot, depending how 
many of us there are, and any plans Sascha has (who lived in 
Saarbruecken for some time, too).

have a good trip,
dalibor topic

Martin Luther Strasse 6a
+49 681 3799246
+49 177 2664192

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