[kaffe] KeyStore Access Problem (Kaffe 1.1.2 on RdeHat 9.0)

Casey Marshall rsdio at metastatic.org
Tue Oct 21 05:05:03 PDT 2003

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>>>>> "Graham" == Graham Jenkins <grahjenk at hotmail.com> writes:

Graham> Not sure what I'm doing wrong here.  My program contains the
Graham> following lines:

Graham>         System.err.println("Defining keyfile .."); File
Graham> keyfile=new File(System.getProperty("user.home"),".keystore");
Graham> System.err.println("Getting keystore instance .."); KeyStore
Graham> keystore=KeyStore.getInstance(KeyStore.getDefaultType());
Graham> System.err.println("Loading record from keystore ..");
Graham> keystore.load(new BufferedInputStream(new
Graham> FileInputStream(keyfile)), ..

Graham> And it works OK with j2se-1.4.2_01.  But under kaffe, it dies
Graham> with the message: java.security.KeyStoreException: No such
Graham> type

Graham> So .. what am I doing wrong, and how do I get around it?

KeyStore.getDefaultType() is probably returning "JKS", and there is no
implementation of that (or any) KeyStore algorithm in Kaffe. You can
get around this by installing Sun's security provider, for now.

But: it may be of interest to the folks here that I reverse engineered
the JKS file format/algorithms a while back, and have posted an
example implementation here:


And the documentation comments contain an English description of the
format and algorithms, rendered here:


The FSF decided that they couldn't use it in their official software
due to the shaky legality of RE. That doesn't mean others can't find
it useful, however.

Also I am developing a new KeyStore format for GNU Crypto; the draft
of this format is here:


Which may be of more interest than a proprietary toy algorithm like

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