[kaffe] using simplescalar with the kaffe gc

Archana archana at csa.iisc.ernet.in
Wed Oct 22 03:37:03 PDT 2003

> I did a quick Google search, and I found this:
>   http://www.cae.wisc.edu/~mxu/SimpleScalar_Kaffe_Mini_Howto.shtml
> I'm not sure I understand what he's actually doing there.
This is to make kaffe compile with simplescalar

> When Kaffe starts up, one of the first things it does is create separate
> threads for the garbage collector and finalizer.  I think the
> modification was to not create those threads, and then run Kaffe with a
> large enough heap size so that there was never any need to call the
> garbage collector.
> If it's useful, I could imagine that we could add a flag which would
> enable startup with the garbage collector turned off.  Patches are
> welcome.

Actually i dont want to disable threading on the contrary i need to create 
threads, since simulation of the gc along with the interpreter is 
required. Is it possible by making some changes, that simplescalar doesnt 
panic when it sees a system call but simulates the Gc thread as well.
basically i am curious to know what the following fragment from 
that posting meant? whether it is relevant to the problem etc..

"> You might try patching the jthread code to save/restore the relevant
 > simulator state.  That's all that setjmp/longjmp do, but they do it
 > for the underlying host OS machine.  If you include your simulator's
 > stack/eip/etc you might be able to support threading....  Maybe."


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