[kaffe] Bug Report with partial fix

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Mon Oct 27 09:00:03 PST 2003

Hi Ross,

Ross Martin wrote:

> Kaffe without patches fails to even load the applet.  I've attached a 
> patch that fixes kaffe/applet/AppletTag.java
> and java/awt/ImageLoader.java to at least get it to the load stage and 
> display some of the animations.

Thanks, I've checked in the patch. Please add a small ChangeLog entry 
next time ;)

> However, there is still a bug that I haven't yet figured out.  For some 
> reason, the mouse clicks aren't
> being translated to the correct position for the Panel containing the 
> Applet.  As a result, you have to click
> with the mouse 10-20 pixels too high to get the buttons to register.  
> I'd like some help with this last
> problem, if someone could be so kind.

This shoudl be fixed in CVS now, I thnk Helmer Kraemer's last patch 
solved that problem.

dalibor topic

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