[kaffe] Porting of Kaffe

George C. Blankenship, Jr. George.C.Blankenship at Verizon.net
Tue Sep 2 04:43:01 PDT 2003

I am part of a team porting Kaffe to a Cray.  I would like to find someone
who has an understanding of why the locks were implemented with hidden stack
variable (the "where" in _lockMutex).  It is causing great consternation in
light of the Cray stack.  It also seems rather hostile to someone trying to
use a mutex, since it is not documented very well.  I have changed locks to
use a structure within locks itself and tracking the TID of the lock holder.
Is there someone that could comment on this approach?

We are also finding that the debug code is not very friendly on an MP.  The
movement of data to the debug buffer is not protected by a mutex and, thus,
becomes a difficult tool.  Is there anyone that has ported Kaffe to an MP?
Is there someone that could comment on this problem?

George Blankenship

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