[kaffe] Porting of Kaffe

Timothy Stack stack at cs.utah.edu
Tue Sep 2 09:19:01 PDT 2003

> I am part of a team porting Kaffe to a Cray.  I would like to find someone
> who has an understanding of why the locks were implemented with hidden stack
> variable (the "where" in _lockMutex).  It is causing great consternation in
> light of the Cray stack.

Can you explain whats unique about the cray stack or give a pointer?

> It also seems rather hostile to someone trying to
> use a mutex, since it is not documented very well.  I have changed locks to
> use a structure within locks itself and tracking the TID of the lock holder.
> Is there someone that could comment on this approach?

Can you elaborate on this?  The latte project, an offshoot of kaffe, have 
a superior lightweight lock implementation, rolling those in might be 

> We are also finding that the debug code is not very friendly on an MP.  The
> movement of data to the debug buffer is not protected by a mutex and, thus,
> becomes a difficult tool.  Is there anyone that has ported Kaffe to an MP?

dunno, but, I would imagine there are many many race conditions.

> Is there someone that could comment on this problem?

Can you use the user-level threading implementation instead of native 
threads, atleast for now?

> George Blankenship

tim stack

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