[kaffe] Planning for 1.1.2 release

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Sat Sep 27 09:11:02 PDT 2003

Jim Pick wrote:
> Hi,
> Here's what I'm planning for the next release...
> Sunday, September 28 - Feature Freeze for 1.1.2
> Sunday, October 5 - Release 1.1.2
> I'm really going to try to get some DocBook and Javadocs into this
> release.  Does anybody else have some goals for this release?

a) Getting gjdoc in. (arnaud, me)
b) fixing most of the broken platforms to build again with latest gcc 
(gcc 3.3.1) ( 1.1.2 was somewhat borked there ;)
c) merging in java.beans from Classpath (needed to run jboss on kaffe)
d) adding more docs on what third party components are used in kaffe,
where they came from, what the licenses are etc in THIRDPARTY
e) a THIRDPARTY-CHANGES file documenting the changed files with respect
to Classpath, for example
f) syncing back to classpath, i.e. getting the great work done by Ito,
Helmer and Guilhem into GNU Classpath
g) merging in java.util.jar from GNU Classpath
h) fixing the outstanding bugs (collection stuff seems to be the most
i) merging the outstanding patches in (long mail from michael, rmi
patches, jboss patches from classpath)
j) fixing the libtool-vs-static-vm problem pointed out by Kiyo and Andrea
k) fixing the libtool-vs-cross-compilation problem pointed out by sebastian
l) merging in the NIO improvements by Michael Koch (guilhem)
m) fixing the long standing broken strtod replacement issue for Linux 2.0
n) fixing hp-ux (helmer, riccardo, me)

A few of those should be possible ;)

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