[kaffe] Feature freeze for 1.1.2

Stuart Ballard stuart.ballard at corp.fast.net
Mon Sep 29 09:46:02 PDT 2003

Jim Pick wrote:
> Hi,
> Just a reminder - we're in a "feature freeze" now, for the 1.1.2 release
> that I'm going to try to make next Sunday (Oct. 5).
> So, please try to do some testing, if you've got time, and please don't
> check in stuff that might be destabilizing until after the release.

Any chance of applying my HashMap/Hashtable patch that's being debated 
on the Classpath list at the moment? I know that it's still up in the 
air as to whether it will be accepted into Classpath or not, and what 
modifications, if any, will be made to it first, but the patch as it 
stands doesn't make anything worse than it currently is (except for the 
inconsistency of having some collection classes do one thing and some 
another in an obscure situation that hardly ever comes up).

On the other hand, if it were applied to Kaffe then I'd be able to 
upload my project to Savannah, and say "Requires Kaffe 1.1.2 or greater" 
rather than "Requires Kaffe CVS from 2003-xx-xx or later".


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