[kaffe] Feature freeze for 1.1.2

Jim Pick jim at kaffe.org
Tue Sep 30 11:55:02 PDT 2003

On Mon, 29 Sep 2003 12:42:36 -0400
"Stuart Ballard" <stuart.ballard at corp.fast.net> wrote:

> Jim Pick wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > Just a reminder - we're in a "feature freeze" now, for the 1.1.2 release
> > that I'm going to try to make next Sunday (Oct. 5).
> > 
> > So, please try to do some testing, if you've got time, and please don't
> > check in stuff that might be destabilizing until after the release.
> Any chance of applying my HashMap/Hashtable patch that's being debated 
> on the Classpath list at the moment? I know that it's still up in the 
> air as to whether it will be accepted into Classpath or not, and what 
> modifications, if any, will be made to it first, but the patch as it 
> stands doesn't make anything worse than it currently is (except for the 
> inconsistency of having some collection classes do one thing and some 
> another in an obscure situation that hardly ever comes up).

I had some issues with HashMap/Hashtable as well (with new compiles of
ant).  I'd like to see the issue resolved for 1.1.2.

> On the other hand, if it were applied to Kaffe then I'd be able to 
> upload my project to Savannah, and say "Requires Kaffe 1.1.2 or greater" 
> rather than "Requires Kaffe CVS from 2003-xx-xx or later".

I'll try to make some time to look into the issue before 1.1.2 is
released on Sunday.


 - Jim

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