[kaffe] Re: "Hall of Shame" suggestion

Riccardo zuse at libero.it
Thu Apr 1 00:45:05 PST 2004

In <406B0191.8040707 at netreach.com> Stuart Ballard  wrote:
> I can think of another use for such a page as well: Documenting 
> Free/Open Source applications that actively refuse to stop using 
> private sun. and com.sun. APIs and thus will never work (fully) on 
> Kaffe.

Yes. t would be good. Although it makes only sense for Free/Open 
software as you say.

> Doing this would serve two useful purposes:
> - Documenting the fact that it's not Kaffe's fault that this 
> application  won't run, or doesn't have all its features working. - 
> Provide bad publicity for projects that do this - and therefore 
> provide some leverage to persuade the projects that they should change 
> their behavior. "You're in our hall of shame - we'll take you off if 
> you  fix this". People unrelated to Kaffe might also see projects 
> there and  independently exert pressure on the maintainers, too.
It must not be made in a rude manner though. No ranting. Maybe there 
were reasons of using private stuff, maybe contacting the developers of 
that specific software is also a good idea.


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