[kaffe] Newbie Problem on OpenBSD 3.4

Thomas Bulka ml at tbulka.org
Sun Apr 4 13:59:03 PDT 2004

I am a complete Java-Newbie, but I have to learn it for 
university. I downloaded the Kaffe-1.0.7 Source and hoped
I would be able to compile it with OpenBSD 3.4 (Stable).

It was no problem and all the compiling went through
without generating any error messages.

When I typed "make check" after installing everything by
"make install" evry test failed.
I tried to run "javac" and it got me a core dump, but
running "java" to execute some program (which I did not write
yet, because of the unavailability of javac ;-( )
seems to work fine, but I can't check yet.

Does anyone no, what kind of problem this is ?
I could imagine there's a problem with OpenBSD's memory-management
or something like this. Maybe I just have to change a 

If anyone knows about this, please tell me, or if you kneed more
I am not quite sure for what to browse the web.

Thank you very much in advance :


PS. Sorry for my English!

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