[kaffe] Re: Newbie Problem on OpenBSD 3.4

Riccardo zuse at libero.it
Mon Apr 5 02:35:03 PDT 2004

In <200404042255.18041.ml at tbulka.org> Thomas Bulka  wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a complete Java-Newbie, but I have to learn it for 
> university. I downloaded the Kaffe-1.0.7 Source and hoped
> I would be able to compile it with OpenBSD 3.4 (Stable).
I am running OpenBSD 3.4 stable on SPARC, v7 processor.
I didn't even attempt to install the port package since it is stone age, 
almost. (Ok, no polemics)
Progress on that platform comes and goes as currently everything inside 
the kaffe source is being reworked here and there. BUt I had it working. 
You may have more luck getting 1.1.4 (or older f that doesn't work) 
releases and compiling them on your own. Usually some regressions fail, 
but not ALL !

> It was no problem and all the compiling went through
> without generating any error messages.
Just because warnings are not enabled :)
> When I typed "make check" after installing everything by
> "make install" evry test failed.
> I tried to run "javac" and it got me a core dump, but
> running "java" to execute some program (which I did not write
> yet, because of the unavailability of javac ;-( )
> seems to work fine, but I can't check yet.
Well, if Java works for you another solution is to use Jikes, which is 
faster anyway, IIRC. There is even a fairly recent package of it.
> Does anyone no, what kind of problem this is ?
> I could imagine there's a problem with OpenBSD's memory-management
> or something like this. Maybe I just have to change a 
> kernel-parameter? 
No, I don't think the problem lies there. I always use stock kernels and 
don't modify anything.

> I am not quite sure for what to browse the web.

and search in the mailing lists maybe.


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