[kaffe] hardwiring the xscale patch

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Tue Apr 6 11:20:03 PDT 2004

Hi Ian,

Ian Mitchell wrote:
> Hi - I'm new at this but here goes.

welcome :)

> My AWT app runs on an xscale using your official release - I do get
> occasional crashes though.  I checked out the latest CVS and tried the
> pxa switch but got hundreds of warnings and eventual failure (not
> complaining - I know it is not an official release!).

We've turned on many warnings in the CVS in order to hunt down problems 
exposed by gcc's warnings that we'd rather fix now, than after 1.1.5 :) 
There is a big warning hunt going on, and we'd like to squish most of 
them till 1.1.5 comes out. Feel free to join us. :)

Note that we've turned on quite a few more warnings than the common 
-Wall :) So it's not as bad as it may seem by the looks of it, it's just 
that we'd like to be more confident in the next developer release's 
stability accross platforms. And going after the odd warnings that the 
compiler gives for free should help in that respect, and is much quicker 
than debugging a crash :)

The ARM jitter is being worked on at the moment. You could try to 
configure kaffe --with-engine=intrp to force it to use the interpeter 
for running kjc to build the class library, or you could use another 
compiler (jikes, for example) or use a precompiled rt.jar file.

> When I ran (with strace) it bailed looking for jre/etc/kafferc  which
> doesn't exist in my target build.

Uh, kafferc is only read by the kaffe script if it exists, as far as I 
know. Could you post the error message?

> Any ideas?
> Is my hardcode approach invalid or incomplete?

Hardcoding values is ok, if you need to do it.

> Am I missing something in my configure to make it need kafferc?

Kafferc is a nice was to save your kaffe settings. It's not needed to 
run kaffe, though. I assume there was some other error. See 
FAQ.debugging on how to debug kaffe in gdb.

> Do I need to tweak my cross compiler?

Probably not, if it builds kaffe so far :)

> (I'm brushing up and catching up on my unix/linux/c skills - have been
> away for 8 years)

welcome back! :)

dalibor topic

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